Rohlík Bistro

New food delivery service, built-in just 7 days, ready to help restaurants combat COVID-19!

Rohlik Bistro is a new delivery service we built for Rohlik - the biggest online supermarket in central Europe. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the entire gastronomic industry is facing an existential crisis. That's why we met Tomas Cupr, the CEO of Rohlik, and set the bold mission “BUILD A NEW FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE IN 7 DAYS!”.

With Rohlik Bistro you can order food from top restaurants for reasonable prices - approximately 30% lower than in restaurants - for a whole week. Rohlik also wanted to start with a new method of delivering the meals using instant cooling, so that the meal would taste even better compared to a “classic” food delivery service.


Rapid prototyping and usability testing
Product design
User Testing


Frontend - React
Admin - React
Backend & API - Java

Testing & Quality Assurance

Q&A testing

Project timeline


Build an MVP in 7 days

Help restaurants with their businesses

Clear and understandable experience for users

Mobile and desktop ready

Unique value propositions

Order from multiple restaurants

With Rohlik Bistro you can pick and order from several top Czech restaurants at once. Your order will come as one package at a specified time.

Menu for a whole week

The hardest time is the decision time, that's why restaurants promote their menus for a whole week. This feature is real-time safer.

Mobile ready solution

Rohlik has around 40% of its users on mobile, that's why we were focusing a lot on the really clear and simple mobile experience.



MVP build in 7 days


orders within first day

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