Duong Tat Dat

Software engineer
for impactful products

My work


I've joined Spendee to create and develop the accompanying web app for their award-winning finance mobile app.


To help visualize the number of infected by COVID-19 in Czechia, I helped with the UI/UX of the website with technical coaching during deployment.

NTU Campus MapGitHub

To combat getting lost during my exchange program in Singapore, I reverse-engineered the tile server and developed NTU Campus Map with React Native.


I made a dead simple DVR CCTV system running for storing and playing both recordings and live streams on mobile devices.


We created a web app visualizing the cash flow from government entities built with D3 and Neo4J on top of open data. We won the audience award of HackFIT 2020.


With ever-changing government requirements for sellers, I developed a complying point-of-sale solution built on top of a hybrid web stack and Raspberry Pi.

SkyScanner TSPGitHubDevpost

As a part of a team of four, we developed a collaborative trip planning app with airline ticket pricing data. We won the SkyScanner Challenge of HackUPC Barcelona 2018.


Android app providing environmental tips for objects detected on camera using Tensorflow Lite. We won the mobile category of UnIT BestPrague 2019.


Distinguishing fake news from trustworthy news by asking a Messenger Chatbot. We won the Chatbot category of HackPrague 2018.


Detecting fraudulent transactions in the Ethereum network with web-of-trust. We won the Kaspersky Challenge of JunctionX Singapore 2019, nominated for Secur'IT Cup 2019.


Hey there 👋

My name is Dat, but people call me David. I was born in 1997 in a small town in Czechia, the heart of Europe. Grew up with computers when my parents bought us one at an age of six and fell in love with technology ever since.

As a software engineer, currently studying at CTU Prague, I always wanted to make products with usability and usefulness in mind, finding the right blend of tech and domain knowledge to create memorable and polished experiences.

Aside from working with startups and agencies such as Spendee and Cleevio, I attend hackathons across the globe. With a few victories under my belt. In my spare time, I do enjoy dabbling with photography and playing badminton.

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